Digital strategy services 

HB Digital can work with you in short sprints of 3 - 5 days, with key deliverables set for the end of each one. This gives great focus for the projects and keeps momentum high. Your team will always have someone to turn to when they have questions.

Digital footprint

Where does your organisation appear online?  Could you improve conversations, engagement and relationships? Are your platforms relevant to your business plan? What are realistic expectations? HB Digital will give you straightforward answers.

Digital roadmap

How do you set long-term digital goals and create a clear roadmap for delivery? What platforms should you focus on or try? How can you improve digital knowledge and engagement with your team and wider organisation teams? What are the ongoing costs you can expect in the coming years during your ongoing investment?

Content strategy

HB Digital can look at your digital footprint at a much deeper level. We’ll take your list of channels, platforms and blogs and review their performance on search engines and Google Analytics. What value are they adding? Can they be improved? Should they be closed down, or should new platforms fit your organisation better?

Define goals

Discuss and clarify the needs of the user and business through surveys, your business plan and workshops with senior managers. How can digital platforms help with organisation goals now and in the future? Our approach is collaborative and straightforward.

Agency selection

Having the right digital partners is essential for the successful delivery of your long-term digital plans. How do you find the right digital partners? What skills should your agency offer? HB Digital can help you find agencies, develop a well thought through brief and clear selection criteria to help limit risks with critical agency appointments.

Review & improve

Digital platforms need constant monitoring to make the most of them. We can monitor progress against your objectives and show your team ways to improve through ongoing mentoring. benchmarking and continuous improvement. HB Digital can create monthly reports for your team, so they can get on with handling the digital channels.