Launch day

It's not every day you launch a new brand. After three months of hard graft our team renamed, redesigned and launched our new website.

For the last few weeks we have had to hit deadlines every day, whether that was for copy approval, design feedback, print production, video editing, form filling, payment gateway testing and tea drinking. Lots of tea drinking. A truly exhausting experience, but amazingly fulfilling. You really do put your heart and soul into something like this.

After the team spent the weekend fine tuning the website and social media plans, we went into today with everything in place - but not really knowing what was around the corner.

After managing our first successful Direct Debit test at the weekend, we got it approved 'just in time'. But today, the element that really tripped us up was the list of 500 domains that needed forwarding. It was something we had to do twice before getting it right. It was one of the few dropped balls in a massive project - but we got there in the end.