Grab people off their sofas

Studies show that growing numbers of people aren't just watching their TV. They are online as well. Either commenting on the show via Twitter or Facebook, shopping or generally doing other tasks online. This is called dual screening.

At the Meningitis Trust we've been lucky enough to have had a couple of opportunities to experiment with dual screening and this is what we've learned.

Time of day is critical
The time of day and type of show influences how many dual screeners there will be. We've found that news and current affairs or shows in the morning = low dual screening opportunities.

However, shows that you would classify as 'me time' - such as soaps in the evening offer much greater opportunities.

Collaborate with TV companies
If we find out about meningitis storylines in soaps we try to see the script and get a feel for the timelines, so we can prepare blogs, content and tweets. Knowing the characters name and what's happening really helps engage the audience, and in our instance, educate people about meningitis.

 But whatever you do, please don't schedule tweets and not be around to reply to people. You have to watch the show and tweet at the right time. Also, if you know what's going to happen in the show, don't become a 'spoiler' - you will get a lot of stick from people.