Should you create a mobile app?

Creating an app was 'on trend' a couple of years ago and many people thought you just had to have one. Many of them were corporate vanity apps. We have two apps and they certainly aren't for vanity.

Every year we give away one million credit card sized signs and symptoms cards to people, to help them spot the signs and symptoms of meningitis. The opportunities smart phones offered and their growing popularity gave us an opportunity we couldn't ignore.

Over the last couple of years we've had around 30,000 downloads in total. Some people will delete the app after reading it. Others will keep it on their phone as a resource. Others will revisit the app multiple times.

And unlike a mobile website, critical information isn't reliant on a mobile or wi-fi signal.

From a brand point of view, a download is a fantastic piece of engagement with your organisation. Plus your logo is present on one of the most important pieces of technology the person owns.

Negatives include, development costs and more platforms to maintain. However, some agencies are keen to develop apps and will offer discounts, while some corporates may consider sponsoring it depending on its purpose.

We've found huge differences in download numbers between Android and IOS. On average it's 1 to 4 in IOS's favour.