Get your colours right

One of the big challenges I've found while rolling out our new corporate identity is getting colour consistent.

Once you've been given the initial guidelines from 'the agency', as the client lead, your work is just beginning.

We have some brave, bold and bright colours to use with the new id. But it's tough to make sure they maintain their pizazz across digital, print and POS. 

Things I've discovered so far include:

  • Insist on a Pantone reference straight from the beginning - you'll need it soon enough. It should be in your guidelines and CMYK breakdowns should match it.
  • Talk to your printer about colours on coated and uncoated stock (like letter heads). The colours on uncoated paper can be a lot softer and washed out as more ink soaks into the paper. Get a Cromolyn proof before new jobs are printed.  Be prepared to experiment at first until you find your perfect match.
  • Pantone has updated its colour matching system - so now there are two versions. The impact is Adobe CS6 and CS5 output colours differently.
  • In my experience working with navy or orange can be challenging. 


Sorting out colour breakdowns using Pantone books

Sorting out colour breakdowns using Pantone books