Thunderclap amplifies message to two million

We are campaigning for the introduction of a meningitis B vaccine that will save hundreds of lives across the UK. It was given the green light for use across Europe in 2013, but the Government hasn't introduced it due to ongoing negotiations with the vaccine company. Since then there have been 1,000 cases.

Earlier this month we held a reception at the House of Commons and gave MPs the opportunity to hear from people effected by meningitis and explain why it's critical to introduce the vaccine as soon as possible.

To complement the activity in the House of Commons, we also scheduled a Thunderclap on social media so that Jeremy Hunt got the message as well. We scheduled it to launch as our reception started - ensuring hundreds of messages are sent via Facebook and Twitter at the same time.

In just over a week we managed to get just under 1500 people to sign up for the Thunderclap via Facebook and Twitter. When it launched, the Thunderclap generated an initial  705,000 reach - but over the following days the social media wave reached over two million people.

Bringing in the vaccine won't happen overnight, but continual pressure in the House and across social media will eventually make a difference. That's what we believe and we'll keep plugging away until we succeed.