Google miracles do happen

After our renaming and rebrand in 2013 we were given a kick up the backside by Google and relegated to page five on Google for a couple of major keywords, seriously impacting traffic.

As a team we had to go back to basics and examine everything we did to try and recover our position. Before the rebrand we had been on page one for all our key search terms.

We have always put our faith in creating valuable content people want to share. We never used to carry out detailed SEO analysis. We monitored where we were, but never why.

To help us climb out this hole we hired an SEO company for the first time and we went back to basics so we could build a solid SEO foundation. After the team spent many long hours checking meta data, deleting duplicate content, adding ‘do not follow’ tags, updating XML site maps and creating 500 + word keyword rich content we had done as much as we could.

Good things come to those who wait

Then it happened. A media storm broke about the fantastic news that the meningitis B vaccine had been recommended to the government to add into the childhood vaccination programme.

This is massive news for all people who have been touched by meningitis and the families who have been left devastated by it. This vaccine will save hundreds of lives.

News channels were all over this story and it exploded on social media. As well as TV and radio interviews, we were in newspapers, blogs and with two social media messages (one to our Facebook group and the other to our Twitter followers) we reached a million people. And that was just the start. We received hundreds of online comments, links and plenty of Google juice.

The funny thing is, for the first time in months, we forgot about Google during this media frenzy. But Google didn't forget about us.

Three days after the media frenzy, we moved from position 50 for the search term ‘meningitis’, to number 1.