Live tweeting from the House of Commons

Today we are holding a reception at the House of Commons and have invited MPs to listen to our policy priorities we would like parties to incorporate.

During the event there will be a number of key speeches, plus the opportunity to have a photo taken with our founder. Over the years of running events at the House of Commons, we’ve found that having some kind of activity or promotional opportunity always goes down well with MPs. It gives MPs something to blog about, get into the press with and talk to their constituents about.

Anyhow, I’m covering social media today and will be taking photos and live tweeting at the event. I want to share with you a plan we’ve cooked up which might just work brilliantly. 

When tweeting live speeches, it’s difficult to keep up with what’s being said. As you type you miss what the current point is - especially on a mobile device.

The digital team had access to the drafts of each speech and have added key tweets into Sprout Social. We’ve pre-prepared the key messages and saved them in the scheduling section (to be sent tonight) – but we will pick off the most relevant ones and tweet them live.

This will hopefully mean less faffing about and we’ll push more of our key messages out. 

We’re basically using the scheduling tool as a way to save drafts and then sending when we need to. Fingers crossed it will work.


A pre-event selfie - I've heard it's all the rage.

A pre-event selfie - I've heard it's all the rage.