Live tweeting - the results are in

That was certainly a very interesting and busy day.

Over 30 MPs and Peers came along to listen to our short speeches and speak to us about our policy priorities. This is fantastic for us, as we're continuing to engage with MPs and generate questions and apply pressure in the House.

The MPs always get a good take-away - unfortunately not curry.

The MPs always get a good take-away - unfortunately not curry.

As I said in a previous post, I went into the reception with all my tweets saved in our social media scheduling tool. And I would top up Twitter content using Instagram.

As I walked into the building everything was working fine. I posted a pic on Instagram and tested Twitter.

It was a different story in the room. There wasn''t any wi-fi and even though I had a good mobile signal, Instagram wouldn't work. So I was down to the pre-written Tweets, which would have been great if all three speakers had stuck to their scripts - which they didn't!

It just goes to show that no-matter how well you plan, you can't be prepared for everything.

We still got a lot of content out during the speeches. We also took photos of the MPs with our founder using their mobiles, so they could Tweet and Facebook them. The MPs loved this idea and we must have had over 10 tweeting their pics and showing their support for our Beat it Now! campaign.