Building a new website: part 2

Like any other charity out there we want our new website to offer the very best user experience at a cost effective price. One of the best ways of doing this is to look around at what functionality has already been created (successfully) and integrate it. There is very little point in reinventing the wheel and paying for bespoke development.

Payment gateway options

We need to find complimentary services for our new website: events and payment gateways.

These are two core functions of the site. The real business end of the development. So choosing the right partners is essential.

When it comes to event management options I'm surprised there aren't more choices out there. We want a simple to use event management tool that is mobile responsive, can be customised around our brand, integrates with social media and email, and will link in with SalesForce. And of course, has human support when things go wrong.

On the list for payment gateways:

  • WorldPay
  • Stripe
  • SagePay
  • PayPal
  • Go Cardless
  • NetBanx

The list for event management systems is much smaller:

  • EventBrite
  • Any other competitors?