Introducing a new generation mobile responsive, social media savvy, database integrated website

With over 83 million connected mobile handsets in the UK, you can see why creating a mobile responsive website is being touted as one of the big priorities for website owners in 2015.

At work we’ve had this objective in our plans for a couple of years. We’ve seen the number of people accessing the Meningitis Now website using their mobile rocket from 12% to 63% in just five years.

Changing habits

Due to the changing way people are navigating around the website key audiences were finding it increasingly difficult to find what they were looking for and the donation process became very tiresome on a mobile.

In 2014 we started the process of redesigning the site from the ground up, specifically for mobiles.

To help specify the website, the team worked with Torchbox (Meningitis Now's digital agency) to interview users and create visitor personas and goals. 

The objectives were clear for the charity: deliver a consistent experience across all devices, matching offline customer care standards. Make it fast and simple for people to achieve their goals on the site. Simplify the donation process. And for the digital team, stop the frustrating process of updating two sites (mobile and desktop) – saving us time and headaches.

Fluid grids of joy

On the homepage and on key signposting pages the design uses a fluid grid of content blocks to help users navigate around the site. The homepage design gives the Meningitis Now team incredible flexibility to place targeted content for key user journeys and tick all the boxes for the organisation.

As you can see from the screen shots below, the new site also features a number of break points so it displays well on everything from the small screens of mobiles and tablets, to widescreen desktops and TVs.


The site’s content pages have been simplified and display single columns of content. Any clutter from around the edges has been banished. A great deal of thought has been put into what happens at the bottom of the page, so users aren’t faced with any dead ends. For example, meningitis stories are a powerful feature across the site, and have all been hand selected, so they are relevant to the page and the user journey.

Deep clean

But there’s very little point in having a responsive site, if the business end of it is old school and anti-mobile. All payment gateways were reviewed and changed to ensure they offered mobile responsive services and could integrate with Salesforce. Ah yes, did I mention we linked all forms and donations into a new database. In fact, we ran both database and web dev projects in parallel.

To give Meningitis Now more powerful social media tools we also integrated EventBrite for selling our fundraising events. It offers incredibly powerful social media tracking and the ability to create sale codes and time limited offers. Great for social media messaging and engagement

Review and improve
The team is now planning to carry out user surveys to help iron out any rough edges. They will also focus on feeding Google with great content. Every page features social sharing that can be tailored to the page to maximise sharing. 

I believe every page on the website should be worth sharing.

So there you have it. The all new website (all mobile responsive, social media savvy and database integrated) offering a hugely powerful arsenal of digital features and integrations that will help deliver the business transformation Meningitis Now set out to achieve.