New digital strategy training programme in development - feedback wanted

The objective of my digital strategy course is to give organisations the strategic knowledge and tools to start improving digital growth and conversions.What would you want covered?

save time | be informed | create strategies | refine tactics | improve results

I'm asking organisations to review the draft course outline and help me create a digital training course that answers your most pressing questions  >>>>> You can complete the survey here.

Session one: how to use your business plan to set digital foundations

  • How to set specific, measurable and attainable digital objectives

  • Introduce Google Analytics basics and setting goals

  • Introduce a template to turn your business plan into digital goals [take away template]

Session two: define your audience

  • Know your audience and how to connect

  • How to carry out keyword research and why it's essential for audience insight

  • Create a Digital Census of your current audiences and what it tells you

  • How reviewing competitor work can save you time

  • Turn these insights into digital personas that will be the heart of your digital work [take away template]

  • How to reach, engage and grow your audience

Session three: user experience and customer service

  • What is user experience and why does it matter?

  • Develop simple user experience principals [take away example]

  • What value are you going to offer and how you can deliver it

  • How can this help improve your website reach and conversions

  • How Google Analytics helps you monitor your successes. What to look out for.

  • Spotting problems and improving conversions

Session four: web developers and agencies

  • How to find, choose, brief and work with web designers successfully [take away template]

Session five: digital tools, skills and techniques

  • Essential social media habits

  • Developing your social media voice

  • Social media scheduling tools

  • How to create engaging graphics quickly without expensive tools

  • Facebook and Twitter advertising - how it works

  • Realistic content planning that can save time [take away template]

Session six: Staying legal and building trust

  • Data protection and GDPR

  • Spam laws

Session seven: Rome wasn't built in a day

  • Roadmap for delivery [take away template]

What do you think?

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