Changing  technology and consumer habits mean many organisations are facing a time of huge uncertainty.

The challenge for every organisation is to stay relevant to consumers, while embracing new ways to market and deliver services in a fast-moving digital landscape. Whether you're looking for a simple low cost evolution you can begin tomorrow or full blown business transformation, this structured five step digital transformation process will guide you.

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  • Run internal workshops to define and document the Digital Vision for your organisation

  • Review business plan and vision to set KPIs

  • Highlight key digital milestones for next few months and years

  • Set trackable objectives


  • Audit website and social media performance against the business plan

  • Audit digital skills and platforms of competitors

  • Review wider digital trends

  • Survey your supporters, fans and customers

  • Review staff skills

  • Creation of Digital Opportunity Report


  • Work collaboratively to trial and select the best digital tools for your team and budget

  • Highlight skills gaps and resources

  • Create specifications and briefs to hire team members or digital partners


  • Examine and document the detail to bring your Digital Vision to life and on budget.

  • Develop your Digital Roadmap document, covering: website, social media, email, content strategy and tracking

  • Creation of best practice guidelines and procedures


  • Empower teams to review digital performance daily and monthly

  • Highlight practical and simple ways to improve

  • Set up quarterly strategic reviews to monitor progress against objectives


Every organisation has different requirements, time and budgets. This is a simple framework that will need to be tailored to your needs.

After the Benchmark phase a comprehensive opportunity report will be presented to you.

After the Benchmark phase a comprehensive opportunity report will be presented to you.

The first step is to talk to Richard about how a tailored Digital Opportunity Report could be the foundation for your organisation's digital transformation.

But let's start the process simply. What's your biggest digital challenge? Share your thoughts below and put Richard Hudson to the test. 

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