Hello Ridgeway


Great to meet you last week. It looks as though you've received my printed examples at Ridgeway HQ.

As I haven't been a copywriter for the last eight years, it's difficult to put together an up-to-date copywriting portfolio for you. However, I hope the printed examples I dropped off, plus these links give you a flavour of what I've worked on and produced.


Meningitis Now

  1. Fastest Hour - awareness campaign
    My role: briefing agency and key contact during development. 
  2. Meningitis Now - website build
    My role: project lead for build, from agency selection to managing all copy creation, page builds and API decisions. 

The Mortgage Works

My role: copywriter

  1. Example one - paper applications
  2. Example two - new website
  3. Example three - Buy To Let
  4. Example Four - letter


My role: brief creative, manage project and approvals for campaigns

  1. Example one - menswear donation drive
  2. Example two - menswear donation drive
  3. Example three - menswear donation drive
  4. Example four - zero waste
  5. Example five - Aisling Bea volunteers at Oxfam - I'm responsible for it being on brand (only just!)
  6. Example six - create a film to help shops talk about kids stock on their shop social channels and link to programme impact.