Can the right road bike transform your performance?

I once read that the right road bike can make up 20% of a rider's performance. So with my first rides lined up for my new Rose Xeon, I wanted to test this theory.

For the last few years I've been riding alloy and steel bikes weighing 10kg+, so moving down to under 7kg should make some difference. But how much, in the real world? I ride at the weekends, but no way am I a club cyclist. Just an enthusiast loner out early on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

So I've plucked some numbers out of Strava. And the results speak for themselves.

20 miles - 1,700ft of climbing - 10% improvement

  • Alloy bike - 1hr 38min - av speed 13mph - top speed 40.5mph
  • Rose Xeon - 1hr 29min - av speed 14mph - top speed 45.6mph - 7 personal bests

30 miles - 1,600ft of climbing - 18% improvement

  • Alloy bike: 2hr 10min - av speed 13.3mph - top speed 39.4mph
  • Rose Xeon: 1hr 50min - av speed 15.9mph - top speed 42.6mph - 7 personal bests

So there you have it, some of the (roughly calculated) real world improvements I've seen to my Strava times. I believe the improvements will get better as I get used to the bike and I adjust my technique to the lighter weight.