Paint matching cycle frame

I've searched through old pictures and catalogues to try and find what frame and model this Colnago is. It's obviously been upgraded over the years from 7 speed to 8 speed, as the rear spacing is 126mm.

However I haven't found which model it is, so I took a trip down to Halfords with my forks to try and match the blue with a spray can. This is when I discovered they offer a very smart service. They mix paints. They normally created match pots for a wide variety of cars going back many years.

But with a big smile and enthusiasm, I persuaded the chap at Halfords to help me try and match the blue. We searched through the booklets of car colours until we found the closest match and then we added more blacks and blues to try and get it close.

I walked away with a paint pot that seems pretty close.... we'll see what happens soon.