The VW CamperPlan

We've had the VW T25 for a couple of months now and we love it. We've picnicked, camped, cruised and tinkered with it. I love driving it, you're just so relaxed as the engine chugs along and it makes the distinctive aircooled engine sound.

It's also been in the garage a couple of times. And is still there...

My plan was simple. In the first few months drive it as much as possible, with the aim of breaking things. We then replace the weak elements to make the van reliable, so we can go on long trouble-free family trips.

The current issue is an oil leak, which requires the engine to be taken out, so the leaking pushrod tubes can be replaced. Arrggghhhh. But I guess that's what driving a classic car is about.

The good news is that the family still love the van (I think) and we're looking to get it in tip top condition, so we can use it for holidays next year. Well, that's the plan.

While we on holiday we started to make big plans for next year. Rather than arranging home exchanges and doing 1,800 mile round trips to the black Forest, we'll find Devon campsites near the beach and travel 200 miles. 

The objective is to build:

"A camper van that can travel across the UK and be somewhere we can stay dry and warm for five nights."

I need to work on the details, but it's split into: be reliable, be heated, be light at night, be secure, be well equipped, be good to drive and be a good investment. Simples....