T2D Bootcamp complete

I'm afraid. Very afraid.

You see, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. And after a day at Type 2 Detectives learning about electrics, servicing engines and how to take them out, I have all the knowledge I need to trash my van.

I also bought a test probe to help me sort my electrics. Yesterday everything was so clear. It made sense at the time. Now, with my van uncovered and my probe in hand, my mind is blank.

In all seriousness, yesterday was amazing for two reasons. First, it was like studying in the National Portrait Gallery. Beautifully detailed VW works of art hanging in the air and jacked up on trolleys. I could have driven away any of the VWs in there. I took a couple of snaps for you to look at.

But I wasn't there for oggling VWs, I was in Cambridge to study at a world renowned centre of learning, Type 2 Detectives.  T2D run a monthly Bootcamp for air cooled owners and share their immense knowledge to make air cooled owners feel more comfortable working on their VWs.

The day was packed, covering:

  • Air cooled electrics
  • How the air cooled engine works
  • How to service your engine
  • How to remove an engine
  • Breakdowns and how to get going

There was plenty of time to discuss your own van and ask specific questions. 

As a T25 owner it was also good to see that there was no split screen or bay window snobbery. T25s were welcome - as long as you're air cooled. In fact, everyone there was super friendly and it was great to be with like minded people, passionate about their hobby and facing similar challenges.

Great work Type 2 Detectives - highly recommended. Now where is that probe. And where on earth do I stick it?

T2D Bootcamp bible.jpg