VW T25 up close and personal

A couple of months ago I discovered a big rust problem that was hiding behind my VW T25's front bumper. The job was far too serious for a bit of filler!, so I searched out a reputable local VW aircooled specialist that could carry out the welding.... plus remove the engine to fix an oil leak, replace the clutch and sort out some of the electrics. Ahem, so just a couple of jobs.

To be honest it was tough to find a good aircooled mechanic in North Gloucestershire. Some have the aircooled expertise, but just don't communicate very well. I spend most of my time in and out of meetings at work, so good comms with the garage are just as important as their mechanical expertise. As soon as I contacted the VolksWrecks team I was impressed and over the last week, comms have been amazing. They also very kindly took these photos for my blog. 

I pick up the van in the morning from VolksWrecks, just one week after dropping it off. I'm looking forward to having a chat about what they've discovered during the week working on my T25. I hope it's all good news :)