My first VW T25 breakdown :(

It was going to happen at some time. And it did on Friday. We were heading off to the Forest of Dean for a family break at Whitemead Forest Park and we stopped at a service station outside of Tewksbury.

Only, the van didn't start back up.

I'd had a problem a couple of days before, which ended up with a big backfire outside Tescos. Today it was outside M&S. My van just doesn't like food shopping.

Luckily for all of us, our friends at VolksWrecks were two minutes away and I gave them a call. They very kindly came over to see what the problem was. And with ONE turn of the key my T25 started. My eldest son thought this was hilarious. Total humiliation for me - a perfect family treat!

We got to the Forest fine and had a great time at Whitemead. The next day the van was reluctant to start, but it did.... just. It may mean another trip to VolksWrecks.

First T25 breakdown.jpg