T25 struts start going soft

In the high winds last week, the T25 roof did start to come down. It was bizarre at first. I popped the top, went inside and when I returned, the top was down. It took me a few seconds to realise what had happened.

The gas struts do look a little tired, so I ordered some replacements from a company that's well recommended online - SGS Struts.

The new struts arrived today and as soon as I saw the package I knew there was a problem. The struts were huge. They were more fitting to an army vehicle!

So here's a key learning. Read the instructions on the website - get the code off your current strut or call up SGS for help. If you don't have the code they require three measurements:

  1. Distance between the centre of the two bolt holes
  2. Length of the piston fully extended
  3. Diameter of the eyelets

It was really difficult to see the codes on the struts, so I climbed up and took one off. Once I'd taken the measurements I tried to put it back. My attempts were rubbish and I couldn't make it go back.

In desperation I hit Google and found a fantastic site where I discovered you have to fit the struts in a certain order. By the time I'd discovered this, it was getting dark. So that's a job for another day. However, I would recommend checking out the Smallards blog, it's a fantastic record of the Smallards T25 renovation.